USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Teams

USA Gymnastics is the governing body for the sport of gymnastics in the Country. USAG is responsible for picking the US Olympic team. 

The Jr. Olympic program is broken down into levels; Level 2 is the first competitive level and Level 10/Elite is the highest. Gym Plus has a Jr. Olympic team that is by invitation only.

This special group is chosen by their instructors, and requires a commitment to the program. The team environment helps the gymnast build on their gymnastics abilities but also allows the gymnast to build on social skills, leadership skills and teamwork.  

Levels 2-5 are compulsory, which means all the gymnasts learn the same routines.  The purpose of this is to develop skills that progressively get harder. 

Level 2

At this level the emphasis is not only gymnastics skills but also a large part of time is spent on strength, conditioning and flexibility. The goal in this group is to enhance the natural ability of the gymnast and serves as an introduction to the sport of competitive gymnastics.  This team competes in several meets per season with the last meet being the New York State Team Cup.  

This group meets for an hour and a half, or two hours twice a week.

Level 3

This group is by invitation only. It is made up of class kids that have met certain skill criteria on each event as well as the girls that have competed on our level 2 team. The goal of this group is to build upon skills, strength and flexibility learned as a level 2 gymnast.  This team competes in several meets per season with the goal of competing at the New York State competition at the end of the season.  

This group meets for 2-3 hours twice a week.

Level 4

This group is made up of gymnasts that have gone through our class and early competitive programs.  At this level the gymnast has achieved mastery in basic gymnastics skills and has started to expand their strength, flexibility and skills to a more advanced level.  

This group meets for up to 3 hours 3-5 days a week.

Level 5-7 

At this advanced level, the gymnast has completed the early compulsory levels and has mastered the basic gymnastics skills and has started using their training to build on those skills.  The gymnasts at this level continue to focus on strength and flexibility as well as leadership and teamwork skills.  

This group meets for 3 hours, 3-5 days a week.


USAIGC is a competitive organization that is considered a College Bound program. Rules, Guidelines and Competitions are constructed with NCAA college gymnastics as the ultimate goal. Those athletes who wish to compete in college can utilize this track to help their quest.


This is the first competitive level in the USAIGC program.  Like all teams, this team is an invitation only group. It is made up of class kids that have met certain skill criteria on each event. In this class we emphasize not only gymnastics but strength, conditioning and flexibility.

This group meets for 2 hours twice a week.


This is the second level in the USAIGC program.  This group is made up of kids that have successfully completed the Copper level and older class kids that have met the skill criteria on certain or all events to compete.

This group meets 6 hours a week.


This advanced group is made up of girls who have successfully completed the beginner level of the USAIGC program and that have experience competing.

This group meets for 3 hours, 3-5 times a week.

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