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Gym Plus provides expert instruction for all ages and abilities.

Pre-school Classes

***We book all classes on demand.  We will even start a new class with as little as four children***

PARENT-TOT CLASSES  16 months - 3 years

This 55 minute class is geared for kids who are at least 16 months old.  Children must have been walking for at least 4 months and are steady on their feet.

Kids up to 3 years old can participate in this class.  It is perfect for those kids that are not ready to separate.  Parents are there as an extra pair of hands to help the children and to make sure they stay with the group without wandering off.

We focus on gross motor skills and coordination.  The kids learn how to tumble, jump, balance, climb, and swing.  We start out with a short circle time, and then we proceed to various obstacle courses and finish up on the trampoline.  The class ratio is 7 to 1.

Separation Classes 2 - 3 years old

This 55 minute class is similar in structure to the parent-tot class.  This class does the same circuits and obstacle courses.  For many children this is their first experience with separation.  The instructors really focus on listening, following direction and taking turns.  The instructors really emphasize positive reinforcement making this a rewarding first experience.

4 Year Old Classes

This hour class is a combination of circuit, obstacle courses and "real" gymnastics.  We start to teach them forward and backward rolls as well as cartwheels.  They learn to get up on the beam the correct way and walk by themselves on the medium beams.  On bars they begin to go upside down, they do pullovers and work on strengthening their upper body.  The class ratio is 6 to 1.

Kindergarten Classes

This hour class is all "real" gymnastics.  This class is a transitional class.  It helps them prepare for the hour and a half class.  The children learn how to vault.  On bars, beam and floor the instructors set up stations.  They start to do basic skills on their own.  The class ratio is 7 to 1.

Instructional Classes

6-9 year old Class- Girls

This hour and a half class teaches all of the gymnastics basics.  In each class the students participate in all four events - vault, bars, beam and floor.  There is a strong emphasis on cartwheels, handstands and backbends.  They also start to go on the high bar.  We teach the children basic routines on each of the events.  At the end of the session they have the opportunity to compete in our end of year competition.  It is from these classes that we form our pre-team.  Class ratio is 8 to 1.

10-13 year old Class - Girls

This hour and a half class builds on the basics the children were taught when they were younger.  On vault they learn front handsprings.  On bars they begin to work on kips.  On beam they learn cartwheels and different types of jumps.  On floor there is a strong emphasis on back walkovers, and handsprings, both front and back.  

We put together more challenging routines for them to compete on either the middle school team or in our end of year competition.  It is from these classes that we build our USAIGC competitive team.

Junior High and High School Classes - Girls

This two hour class teaches skills and routines that can be used on the Middle School, Junior High and High School teams.